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This Cozy Cartoon Cow Sweater is Your Autumn Must-Have


Color: W020103-JD02653

Size: S

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Cow Hoodie Purchase Notes: Moo-ve Over Size Worries!

Heads Up! Before you mosey on over to checkout, here are some helpful tips for snagging the perfect cow-tastic fit:

1. Size Up the Situation:

  • Ditch the guesswork! We've got a handy size chart (in cm and inches) that's just moo-ving for choosing the right fit. Allow for a 1-3cm wiggle room (that's normal cowpoke sizing!).
  • Still hay-wire? Shoot us your height and weight, and we'll lasso the perfect size for you.

2. Care Instructions:

  • Keep your cow print lookin' fresh! Machine wash or hand wash in cool water (below 40°C) to maintain its shape. Remember, hot water's a no-go for this critter!

3. Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

If anything's moo-ving a little too fast, don't sweat it! Just mosey on over and contact us. We're always happy to help and make sure your cow hoodie experience is udderly delightful.

Remember: With these tips, you'll be struttin' your stuff in your new cow hoodie like a champion in no time! Now go forth and moo-ve over the competition!

Bonus Tip: Don't forget, the hood rope's white and there's fleece inside for extra snuggles. It's gonna be your new best bud!


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